158 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Augusta – Jackson Laundry Professional Triathlete

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with one of my good friends from Canada Jackson Laundry.  Jackson recently compete at the 70.3 in Augusta and took second place overall.  We talk about the mental game and how he uses positive reinforcement of his abilities to maintain the mindset he wants on race day.  While he only uses RPE on race day he shares what he uses for data screens, his outlook on his future, and much more.  Tune in and follow Jackson along his journey. Thanks Jackson for spending some time with me, I enjoy following you in the future.

Weather that day:  72 - 90

Water:  79


Age Group: PRO

Height:   5’9”

Weight:  149lbs

Calories per hour:  400 (100grams of carbs)

PSI for this course:  95F/100R

Depth of Wheels:  Disc/90mm

Bike Elevation Gain: 1,444ft

Run Elevation Gain: 23ft

Swim – 21:18

T1 – 2:21

Bike – 2:03:40

T2 – 1:08

Run – 1:16:24

Total Race Time: 3:44:50

Gender Rank: 2

Division Rank: 2

Overall Rank:  2


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Website: www.jacksonlaundry.com


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Felt Bikes: https://feltbicycles.com/

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