160 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Augusta - Mark Clee

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend Mark Clee about his recent race in Augusta, Georgia.  Mark talks about how his coach, Harold Wilson, devise a plan to put together a solid day for him to achieve a sub 5:00 hour day.  We talk about a lot of the fun stuff he does going into this race and even how he got his bike to the race from Southlake, Texas.  The weather was hot, but he kept his cool and played it smart. Thanks Mark for coming back on the show, I look forward to following you in the future.


Weather that day:  72-90

Water:  79


Age Group: M 30-34

Height:   6’3”

Weight:  175

Calories per hour: 300

Bike Elevation Gain: 1,463ft

Run Elevation Gain:  108ft

Swim – 28:45

T1 – 5:42

Bike – 2:45:20

T2 – 2:21

Run – 1:33:03

Total Race Time:  4:55:11

Gender Rank: 165

Division Rank: 27

Overall Rank:  198


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