122 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Boulder – Tommy Johnson

I conclude my journey of IRONMAN© 70.3 Boulder with my friend and Coach from Triple Threat Tough, Tommy Johnson.  Tommy is an avid triathlete and has had issues recently racing that we talk through.  We discuss his travel from north Texas to Colorado and how the logistics work and even his nutrition and strategy from a power stand point.  Good Luck later this year at Waco Tommy.  Look forward to tracking you down there!

Weather that day:  66-91

Water:  70


Age Group: M 55-59

Height:   5’7”

Weight:  145lbs

Calories per hour:  200

PSI for this course:  90F/100R

Depth of Wheels: 404F/808R

Swim – 40:28

T1 – 6:39

Bike – 2:36:35

T2 – 6:28

Run – 2:10:44

Total Race Time:  5:40:49

Gender Rank: 376

Division Rank: 12

Overall Rank: 491


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On the Bike

On the Bike

On the Bike

On the Bike

Finish Line

Finish Line