283 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Chattanooga – Mark Clee

I conclude my journey of the 2019 Chattanooga series with returning guest, Mark Clee.  Mark is an amazing friend that had a stealer time of sub 5 hours on the day. We mention how awesome the support is on the course at Chattanooga as well as changes on the course from last year to this year.  Such as the addition of a no pass zone and some road work in the area. Thank you for spending some time with me Mark, I wish you all the best.


Weather that day:  66-85

Water:  72


Age Group:  M35-39

Height:   6’3”

Weight:  170

Calories per hour: 350

PSI for this course:  105/110

Bike Elevation Gain: 1880ft

Run Elevation Gain: 528ft

Swim: 18:30

T1: 7:04

Bike:   2:48:55

T2:  3:35

Run: 1:39:13

Total Race Time:  4:57:17

Gender Rank:  310

Division Rank: 55

Overall Rank: 376


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