280 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Chattanooga – Terry Wilson

The tables are turned this episode and I am the one being interviewed by two of my friends, Danielle and Andrew.  They pick some layers away and shed light on what it’s like for me to race.  I should be able to have a Perfect Race by now, but it’s still a work in progress just like everyone out there listening and following the show. I’m thankful for my friends and supporters that have made this show a success so far and if you listen, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of laughing during this episode.  Hope you enjoy it.


Weather that day: 66 - 85

Water: 72.1


Age Group: M30-35  

Height:  5’9”

Weight: 200

Calories per hour: 300

PSI for this course:  87ish

Depth of Wheels: 66mm

Bike Elevation Gain: 1,880ft

Run Elevation Gain: 528ft

Swim: 19:45*

T1: 6:52

Bike:  2:54:26

T2: 2:52

Run:  2:35:09

Total Race Time:  5:58:42

Gender Rank:  956

Division Rank: 145

Overall Rank: 1359


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Photo Credit: Danielle Dingman

Photo Credit: Danielle Dingman