292 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Coeur d’Alene – Kayla Bowker

Kayla if an amazing athlete and has been to Kona twice. We talk about what it’s like to have an extreme eating disorder and then channeling positive energy into a solid work ethic. This course is such fun and in years past it’s been even colder water. Some highlights from this interview is how she doesn’t let pregnancy change her but how she adapts and changes with the pregnancy.  She’s not a delicate flower and no one that is pregnant should be thought to be one either. This was her fourth triathlon this season she competed in being pregnant. Others were:  Texas 70.3 (8weeks), St. George 70.3 (12 weeks), Chattanooga 70.3 (14 weeks), and this one at 19 weeks.  Thank you so much for you time in coming on the show Kayla, I wish you the best in chasing your goals!


Weather that day: 52-81

Water: WSL (65)


Age Group:  F30-34

Height:  5’6”

Weight:  UNK

Calories per hour: 240-250

PSI for this course:  no clue

Depth of Wheels: 58F/85R

Bike Elevation Gain: 3445ft

Run Elevation Gain:  414ft

Swim: 37:02

T1: 3:13

Bike:   2:43:37

T2: 2:44

Run: 1:36:13

Total Race Time:  5:02:48

Gender Rank:  35

Division Rank: 7

Overall Rank: 177


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