143 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Maine – Missy Norcross OVERALL FEMALE WINNER

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend and overall winner of the female division at IRONMAN© 70.3 Maine, Missy Norcross.  Missy is such a wonderful persona and humble athlete who shares her journey of not only qualifying for Kona this year but also her journey of qualifying for Nice, France next year. She is not only a talented athlete she is also a mother of a beautiful daughter and wife to Robert.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience at this homegrown race and I look forward to following you at Kona this year!  Good luck on the big island Missy!


Weather that day:  62 - 78

Water:  64


Age Group: F 35-39

Height:   5’9”

Weight:  126

Calories per hour:  250-300

PSI for this course:  100lbs

Depth of Wheels:  404/808

Swim – 31:16

T1 – 4:13

Bike – 2:34:05

T2 – 2:22

Run – 1:32:30

Total Race Time:  4:44:24

Gender Rank: 1

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank:  112


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Breaking the Tape!

Breaking the Tape!