260 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Oceanside – Seth Smith

Not all DNF’s are created equal.  This episode proves that even when things are going perfect for you that things can change that are completely out of your control.  Seth is very humble in his sharing of his story at Oceanside.  Even though he didn’t get to finish the race, I am able to capture the moments that changed his race for the worse and how to learn from this experience for yourself.  I’m unsure though that anyone can control what happened.  We discuss his training with Coach Morgon Latimore and even how his weight loss journey has morphed over the past year and what he has changed. Thank you Seth for sharing your story, I look forward to your redemption race later this year! All the best brother.


Weather that day:  57-66

Water:  WSL


Age Group:  M25-29

Height:   6’2”

Weight:  177

Calories per hour:  533/hour!

PSI for this course:  98

Depth of Wheels: 78mm

Bike Elevation Gain:  2,720ft

Run Elevation Gain: 277ft

Swim: 39:05

T1: 5:04

Bike:   2:47:56

T2:  3:09

Run:  ---

Total Race Time:  DNF

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