227 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Pucon – Andres Sauma

I conclude the 70.3 Pucon series with Andres Sauma.  Andres is from Santiago, Chilie and has an extensive amount of experience that he shares with us. Andres has been to Kona multiple times and loves the challenges of racing triathlon and endurance sports.  We talk about how he does more than 80% of his training on the treadmill and how he trains with intensity and easy rides.  The fun thing about this is how he loves sharing the details of this race with the volcano in the backdrop. For anyone that’s doing this course for the first time, he gives ample advice from traveling to training to make sure your day is the best as possible.  Thanks Andres, I look forward to following your journey in the future.

Weather that day:  59-82

Water: 70is

Age Group:   M45-49

Height:  175mm (5’9”)

Weight: 76K

Calories per hour: 280

PSI for this course:  100

Depth of Wheels: 64mm/80mm

Bike Elevation Gain: 2804 ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1307ft

Swim:  31:07

T1:  2:21

Bike:  2:29:42

T2:  3:41

Run:  1:37:28

Total Race Time:  4:46:19

Gender Rank:    47

Division Rank:  6

Overall Rank:  51


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