156 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Super Frog - Andrew Lewis

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend Andrew.  Get ready for a wild ride.  We dive down rabbit holes and talk a bunch of shop and throw some punches here and there.  Even though Ben Miller wasn’t there, he somehow got mixed up in the chaos of this one.  We love you Ben.  Hope you find this episode as fun and entertaining as it was to record it.  Thanks again Andrew for coming on and having some fun with me on the show. Good Luck at Indian Wells this December!

Weather that day:  64-80

Water:  wetsuit legal


Age Group: M 35-39

Height:   6’2”

Weight:  185

Calories per hour: ~300

PSI for this course:  105

Depth of Wheels:  Flo90 Front/Flo Disc Rear

Swim – 37:6

T1 – 3:51

Bike – 2:25:12

T2 – 3:13

Run – 2:04:38

Total Race Time:  5:13:58

Gender Rank: 28

Division Rank: 114

Overall Rank:  121


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Mentioned on this episode:

Adam Zucco (Superfly Coaching):  https://www.superflycoaching.com/

Normatec Recovery:  https://www.normatecrecovery.com/

F2C Nutrition: https://f2cnutrition.com/

Pioneer power meter:  https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/

On the run

On the run