277 - IRONMAN© 70.3 St. George - Preston Hernandez

Have you ever had issues during a race? If you haven’t this episode is for you.  Preston and I talk about his race at the 70.3 in St. George, Utah where he had some derailer issues on the bike.  If you know this course, you know it’s a course where you need the ability to change gears to go up Snow Canyon.  Going into the race, he had some nerve issues that didn’t allow him to race like he had wanted to.  Packet pick up here is amazing and this race is like a well-oiled machine in terms of the experience for the athletes.  He also gives us some tips on how to run up hills from a technique perspective.  Thank you so much for coming on the show Preston, good luck in Ireland in a few weeks!


Weather that day:  61 - 90

Water:  62


Age Group:   M30-34

Height:   5’10

Weight:  163lbs

Calories per hour:  320-350

PSI for this course:  88R/85F

Depth of Wheels: Disc/404

Bike Elevation Gain: 3,236ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1,267ft

Swim: 43:08

T1: 3:34

Bike:   2:49:39

T2:  3:37

Run: 2:00:37

Total Race Time:  5:40:35

Gender Rank:  584

Division Rank: 89

Overall Rank: 727


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