128 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Steelhead – Eric Abbott

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend Eric Abbott from Team Timex. We talk in deep detail about the mindset and how things shifted during the swim course due to the swim course.  We talk about how his fiancée does the race as well and sharing a coach is very vital. Eric explains a lot about his power, data, and more than anything we talk about the mental approach of how things should be flexible on race day and not rigid.  He credits his ability to be nice to himself and knowing when to take a mental break from the sport for his continued growth in the sport.


Photos are from Stellafly

 Weather that day:  65 - 87

Water:  76.4


Age Group: M 25-29

Height:   5’10”

Weight:  160

Calories per hour: 300

PSI for this course:  90R/80F

Depth of Wheels: Bontrager 90

Swim: 30:48

T1: 2:22

Bike: 2:18:02

T2: 2:20

Run: 1:40:02

Total Race Time:  4:33:33

Gender Rank: 7

Overall Rank:  25


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Mentioned on this episode:

Pioneer Power meter: https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/

Castellie: https://www.castelli-cycling.com/us

Team Timex: www.timexteam.com

Trek: www.trek.com