264 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Texas – Eddie Rodriguez

In this episode I talk with an athlete I coach, Eddie Rodriguez.  We talk about all the normal stuff, but what makes his episode different is we talk about how his day was cut short.  Nearly 85% of the entire field here at Galveston received a Did Not Finish as their official time.  This is the start of trend of episodes that you’ll see through this series.  I hope you’re able to learn from the gratitude that Eddie has and the compassion he has for the sport, athletes, and the venue. Thanks for spending some time with me Eddie, all the best brother.


Weather that day:  50-70ish

Water:  WSL


Age Group:  M40-44

Height:   5’9”

Weight:  199

Calories per hour: 300

PSI for this course:  95

Depth of Wheels: 90

Bike Elevation Gain: 328ft

Run Elevation Gain: 220ft

Swim: 42:29

T1: 4:16

Bike:   3:06:01

T2:  2:07

Run: -

Total Race Time:  DNF

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