190 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Waco – Raul Luzardo

I continue the series of Waco 70.3 with my friend and coach from Outrival Racing, Raul Luzardo.  Raul is a friend of many years now and he has a great amount of experience that he brings to our conversation.  We discuss what it’s like being a bit taller and bigger in the sport as well as what it’s like to not have a swim and the confusion around it that actually made his race day easier.  The biggest take away for many will be how we talk about his training in regards to Heart Rate and power together on the bike ride and in training.  Thanks for coming on the show Raul, I wish you the best next year and I look forward to following you next year at St. George and Galveston!

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Weather that day:  54-85

Water:  ---


Age Group:  M40-44

Height:   6’3”

Weight:  198

Calories per hour: 400

PSI for this course:  140lbs (Tubular)

Depth of Wheels:  808/disc

Bike Elevation Gain:  1,116ft

Run Elevation Gain:  509ft

Bike – 2:30:33

T2 – 3:34

Run –1:53:27

Total Race Time:  4:27:33

Gender Rank: 148

Division Rank:  25

Overall Rank:  176


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