189 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Waco – Scott Lewis

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my Scott Lewis about his race at the first running of the IRONMAN© 70.3 in Waco, Texas.  This is a very impactful episode for many reasons.  Just in the past few years Scott suffered a severe nerve injury and had to rebuild himself with strength training and work his way back up.  He was a vegetarian for 20 years, but going into this race, he went back to the meat in order to get the amount of protein that his body needed to rebuild properly.  While balancing life, work, and training, we mention how he has five kids and a loving wife and some tricks he uses to integrate these together. Thanks for coming on the show Scott, I look forward to following you in the future at your races coming up.

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Weather that day:  54-85

Water:  n/a


Age Group: M40-45

Height:   5’9”

Weight:  190

Calories per hour: 400

PSI for this course:  120

Depth of Wheels: stock

Bike Elevation Gain: 1,116ft

Run Elevation Gain: 509ft

Bike – 3:27:53

T2 – 10:08

Run –3:41:34

Total Race Time:  7:19:35

Gender Rank:  1316

Division Rank: 211

Overall Rank:  2085


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