312 – IRONMAN© 70.3 World Championships – Emma Adriaens

By far one of the most enjoyable and hardest courses Emma has raced to date. It was an absolute dream for a girl from the Midwest to race in the Mediterranean, bike through the French Alps on the most picturesque course imaginable, finishing up with a run on the Mediterranean coastline. Thank you for coming on the show and good luck at IRONMAN© Louisville!


Weather that day: 75ish

Water Temperature:    75ish

Age Group:     F25-29

Height:     5’ 2”

Weight:     125

Calories per hour:   250-300 Base Nutrition and Gu Stroopwafels

Nutrition Company used:   Base and Gu

Depth of Wheels:   Hed jet 6 (front) and jet 9 (back)

PSI for this course:   75 psi

Bike Elevation Gain:  4500 ft

Run Elevation Gain:   82 ft

Swim:   44:30:00

T1:   4:37

Bike:      3:22:41

T2:   2:46

Run:   1:50:17

Total Race Time:     6:04:48

Gender Rank:     882

Division Rank:   126

Overall Rank:   882

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