146 - IRONMAN© 70.3 World Championships - Rebecca McKee

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend Rebecca McKee about her race in South Africa at the 70.3 World Championship!  This is an amazing race in itself and she shares her journey of getting there, what it was like and much more.  The best part of all the race is the fact that she knows how to dig deep and push through a great amount of physical and mental pain.  She shares her knowledge as a coach and what she may do different next time. Thanks for coming back on the show Rebecca, I look forward to catching up after Kona!

Weather that day:  55-69

Water:  59


Age Group: F 45-49

Height:   5’4”

Weight:  116lbs

Calories per hour:  200

PSI for this course:  90

Depth of Wheels: Disc/808

Swim – 33:49

T1 – 3:14

Bike – 2:46:35

T2 – 3:28

Run – 1:42:16

Total Race Time:  5:09:22

Gender Rank: 148

Division Rank: 4

Overall Rank:  148


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Mentioned on this episode:

Blue seventy:  https://www.blueseventy.com

Diamond bikes: https://www.dimondbikes.com/

Zipps:   http://www.zipp.com/wheels

Quarq:  https://www.quarq.com/

Torhan’s:  https://www.torhans.com/

ISM Saddles:  https://www.ismseat.com/

Squirt lube:  http://www.squirtlube.com/

Precise insoles:  http://insole.com/

Roka Sunglasses: www.roka.com

Aaron Ross (nomad): bike fitter

Cliff English:   http://www.cliffenglishcoaching.com/

Finish Line

Finish Line