310 - IRONMAN© 70.3 World Championships – Rebecca McKee

All in all she is happy with the day, Rebecca would have liked to been able to see how it would go with my meter and having that feedback, but she also was within minutes of the projected bike time we expected. Minutes are still minutes though. Based on the level of women/competition at this venue, on their home turf, she was hoping for a Top 20 finish and is quite happy with 19th in that respect!


Weather that day:  77

Water Temperature:  72

Age Group:    W45-49

Height:    5'4"

Weight:    118

Calories per hour:  150

Nutrition Company used:  Skratch - Gatorade - Vfuel (new) and Gu

Depth of Wheels:  HED 6/9 Jets

PSI for this course:    60

Bike Elevation Gain:  4100

Run Elevation Gain:    92

Swim:  35:33:00

T1:  3:37

Bike:     3;08:11

T2:  3:33

Run:  1:40:05

Total Race Time:    5:30:57

Gender Rank:    284 out of 1778

Division Rank:  19th out of 240

Overall Rank:  284 out of 1778

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Blueseventy, Squirtlube, Louis Garneau, Dimond Bikes, Quarq, Zipp, Hed, Torhans Aero, ISM Seat, Aaron Ross, Darkspeedworks, Prescise Insoles, Roka


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