308 - IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships – Travis Wood

Travis had a less than perfect race at IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships. After a few 70.3 age group wins earlier in the season and winning the Sprint USAT Age Group Nationals Championships, he hoped to maintain enough fitness rolling into worlds while attempting to be a tourist in his first visit to Europe. The race was not what he had hoped for, but there were some very good takeaways from the experience!


Weather that day:       77

Water Temperature:   76.5

Age Group:     M18-24

Height:            5'9"

Weight:           155

Calories per hour:       ~500

Nutrition Company used:       SIS + On course (Enervit)

Depth of Wheels:       HED JET 9 + Disc

PSI for this course:     85 psi

Bike Elevation Gain:  4065'

Run Elevation Gain:  82'

Swim: 27:57:00

T1:      2:41

Bike:   2:38:27

T2:      2:01

Run:    1:30:17

Total Race Time:        4:41:22

Gender Rank:              322

Division Rank:           33

Overall Rank: 322



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