286 - IRONMAN© Boulder – Lauren Brandon OVERALL WINNER

Overall wins are always an amazing story to share.  I’ve learned through the hundreds of episodes that the winners of the races are struggling just as much to win as the last few athletes are to finish.  The bond that the winners and the last few finishers are always amazing.  I’m privileged and honored to talk with the humble Lauren Brandon about her win for the sunset year of Boulder. She talks and we laugh about her race and the excitement of not only this race but also other races in comparison.  She passes on some tips and tricks she’s learned from the years of racing as well.  Thank you so much Lauren for your time and the opportunity to share your story with the world.  Best of luck to you in Kona this year!


Weather that day: 45-63

Water: WSL


Age Group:  PRO

Height:  5’9”

Weight: 135lbs

Calories per hour: ~350

PSI for this course:  95

Depth of Wheels: 65/105

Bike Elevation Gain: 4711ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1355ft

Swim: 48:43

T1: 3:23

Bike:   4:38:06

T2: 2:25

Run: 3:36:34

Total Race Time:  9:09:09

Gender Rank:  1

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank: 16


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