301 - IRONMAN© Canada – Kelsey Withrow (KQ)

Kelsey is such an amazing athlete. If you don’t follow her yet, you need to check her out.  She is dedicated, disciplined, and most of all humble.  She stretches herself in each race to find new limits. We talk about her race in detail and the mental grit it takes to push through the pain and suffering to get to the finish when you leave it all out on the course.  Kelsey was welcomed to the finish line by Lisa Bentley.  The smile that she has at this finish line is one we should all strive to have.  Kelsey good luck on the big island and in Wisconsin!


Weather that day: 61 - 75

Water: WSL


Division: PRO

Height:  5’6”

Weight:  117

Calories per hour:  300

PSI for this course:  90

Bike Elevation Gain: 7,890ft

Run Elevation Gain:  1,036ft

Swim: 53:12

T1: 2:21

Bike:   5:18:12

T2: 2:38

Run: 3:22:06

Total:  9:38:28

Gender Rank:  3

Division Rank: 3

Overall Rank: 12


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Photos from Kelsey some are taken by: David McColm