318 – IRONMAN© Chattanooga – Emily Rollins

Emily executed her race plan almost to perfection. She nailed her nutrition and hydration and raced with patience and persistence. She almost had the perfect race and we talk about what makes this race something to continue to keep striving for perfection.  The unique and challenging dynamic relationship of coach and athlete paired with husband and wife is something I have talked with Kelsey Withrow about as well as Amy VT.  I hope you learn something from this episode.  Enjoy the show.


Weather that day: 95

Water Temperature: 80.3

Age Group:   F40-44

Height:   5'2"

Weight:   115

Calories per hour: 250

Nutrition Company used: Rollins custom blend-CarboPro, EFS, BASE Salt/Aminos, caffeine

Depth of Wheels: Enve Composities 5.6

PSI for this course:   80 front/85 rear

Bike Elevation Gain: 4808 ft

Run Elevation Gain:   673 ft on website/watch said 913 ft

Swim: 58:17:00

T1: 4:01

Bike:    5:35:16

T2: 4:52

Run: 3:52:32

Total Race Time:   10:34:58

Gender Rank:   1st amateur/9th female

Division Rank: 1st

Overall Rank: 52nd


Emily’s Sponsors: Suunto, Cervelo, Enve Composites, Nuun Hydration, AltRed-Betalains, BlueSeventy, BocoGear


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