295 - IRONMAN© Ireland – Lynsey and Ryan Capone-Smith

I’ve only seen a few folks have the grit, determination, and admiration for racing and training that these two athletes have.  This episode is long, but man is it worth it.  I don’t like going over an hour, much less two.  But this is so worth it.  You’ll get to hear two athletes who not only love the sport, but each other.  I can’t help but to compliment them on how much they love each other.  It is contagious.  We talk about their race in Ireland and how that day was far from perfect, but also skin cancer.  This is real and raw.  Melanoma is real and endurance athletes are out in the sun more than most folks.  Wear sunscreen.  Thank you so much for spending some time with me on the show, I wish you both the best and nothing less.



Weather that day: COLD

Water: Canceled


Age Group:  F35-39; M35-39

Height:  5’4”; 6’1”

Weight:  120; 178

Calories per hour: 200;250

PSI for this course:  120/115

Bike Elevation Gain: 6,208ft

Run Elevation Gain:  1,008ft

Swim: N/a

T1: N/a

Bike:   8:03:24; 6:59:51

T2: 14:12; 21:54

Run: 5:34:58; 5:10:15

Total Race Time:  13:52:24; 12:32:00

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