299 - IRONMAN© Lake Placid – Bonne Caulfield

Bonnie is pretty amazing and she does some amazing things from time to time.  Recently she completed IRONMAN© Boulder, the sunset year for that race, and now she did IRONMAN© Lake Placid.  We talk about what it was like for her to be on camera there as she was part of something special that was kind of hidden from the public until the live footage of the race aired.  The logistics for this race are certainly worth paying attention to if you’re not from the area as this is harder to get to and can be difficult to manage. Thanks Bonnie for coming back on the show, I enjoyed catching up with you!


Weather that day: 55-79

Water: WSL


Age Group:  F25-29

Height:  5’6”

Weight:  123lbs

Calories per hour: 150

PSI for this course:  105

Bike Elevation Gain:  7,246ft

Run Elevation Gain:  1,448ft

Swim: 1:19:22

T1: 8:18

Bike:   6:50:17

T2: 4:33

Run: 5:02:33

Total Race Time:  13:24:52

Gender Rank:  166

Division Rank: 21

Overall Rank:  840/2060


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