297 - IRONMAN© Lake Placid – Matt Russell OVERALL WINNER

New York native Matt Russell comes on the show and sacrifices some of his time to share his journey and relive his race at the wonderful IRONMAN© Lake Placid.  Matt had an amazing day, but it wasn’t easy.  He broke the bike course record on his Tri Rig bike and we talk about what his day was like in detail as well as his goals moving forward.  Matt has been self-coached for years and the training he does as well copious amounts of racing is fun but he has talked with a coach and has big goals for the future. This was Matt’s 47th full distance triathlon and I hope he goes on to win many more.  I look forward to following you at Kona this year Matt, I wish you nothing less than the best.  Thank you for coming on the show!


Photo credit:  Finisherpix/IRONMAN.


Weather that day: 55 - 79



Age Group:  PRO

Height:  5’11”

Weight: 165lbs

Calories per hour: 422

PSI for this course:  95F/100R

Bike Elevation Gain: 7,246ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1,448ft

Swim: 56:42

T1: 3:11

Bike:   4:27:27

T2: 1:41

Run: 2:58:56

Total Race Time:  8:27:57

Gender Rank:  1

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank: 1


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