298 – IRONMAN© Lake Placid – Zach Stinson

I was honored to host and record an episode with Zach recently.  This is such a powerful episode.  I reached out to Zach after finding out he completed the full distance triathlon in Lake Placid. Zach’s life changed on November 9, 2010 when he was in Afghanistan and IED explosion left him with no legs and missing fingers.  This is quite remarkable that he lived through this IED explosion.  I, myself, have been blown up by IEDs also in Afghanistan, but I was mounted in a vehicle, not on foot like Zach.  Zach is a true hero.  We talk about his story and the race at Placid.  The most important thing I took away from this conversation is the great amount of gratitude he has for life, others, and his ability to be alive.  He had a team help him prepare for the race and completed the race as well.  Thank you so much Zach for your time, and I can’t wait to see you out on the race course next year in Lubbock, Texas!


Weather that day:  55-79

Water:  WSL


Division:  HC

Height:  n/a

Weight:  149

Calories per hour: 180

PSI for this course:  n/a

Bike Elevation Gain:  7,246ft

Run Elevation Gain:  1,448ft

Swim:  1:36:20

T1: 9:07

Bike:   7:36:35

T2: 11:01

Run: 3:06:08

Total Race Time:  12:39:08

Gender Rank:  437

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank: 517


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