187 - IRONMAN© Louisville – Craig Clark

I conclude the 2018 IRONMAN© Louisville series with my friend and returning guest Craig Clark.  We talk about all of the training and how his year stacked up as well as how to prepare for such a unique day. I volunteered up in Louisville this year and wanted to give back.  I saw Craig in the middle of the race and was able to help him on his day.  The day threw many curve balls to the athletes on course and the ability to push forward on this tough day shows how strong athletes are in general but also how mentally tough those who finished truly are.  I enjoyed hearing your story Craig and look forward to following you next year on your journey.

This episode is sponsored by Wasatch Apparel.

Weather that day:  48 - 61

Water:  Wetsuit legal


Age Group: M 35-39

Height:   5’6”

Weight:  145

Calories per hour: 380

PSI for this course:  90

Bike Elevation Gain: 5,448ft

Run Elevation Gain:  281ft

Swim – 16:36

T1 – 18:18

Bike – 7:33:04

T2 – 24:15

Run –6:21:37

Total Race Time:  14:53:50

Gender Rank: 1332

Division Rank: 209

Overall Rank:  1847


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