138 – IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant – Cody Beals OVERALL WINNER

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend and talented athlete Cody Beals.  Cody is a Professional Triathlete and humble person who takes the time to share his race day with me.  He sheds light on what it’s like to train for an overall win at the first attempt at the full distance triathlon.  He passes on a few tips and tricks as well.  Cody is one of just a handful of athletes who have won their first full distance race.  We dive into the mental aspect of his training and what it’s like to train for him along the way to the finish line at IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant.  He mentions running a treadmill marathon in training which is just unbelievable!! I look forward to following your journey Cody and I welcome you to come back on after IRONMAN© Chattanooga later this month!


Thank you to the amazing photographers at Korupt Vision. for some of the pictures below.


Weather that day:  61 - 81

Water:  71.5


Age Group: PRO

Height:   6’0”

Weight:  157

Calories per hour: 450-460

PSI for this course:  90F/95R

Depth of Wheels: 86mm-F/disc-R

Swim – 52:35

T1 – 2:48

Bike – 4:24:28

T2 – 1:23

Run – 2:49:22

Total Race Time:  8:10:36

Gender Rank: 1

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank:  1


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