139 – IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant – Fran DeAngelis

I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend of many years Fran DeAnglis.  She has been doing marathons for many years now and she recently transitioned to check the IRONMAN© off her bucket list.  We talk deeply about her passion, drive, and training going into this race.  As a first timer, her experience, nerves, and anxiety going into this race was high.  She mentions how her coach and friend pushed her to her limits in training and ultimately succeeded in getting her to the finish line.  While it was far from a record race, she has the gratitude and humbleness of learning from everything she has done and already knows she will be back.  Thank you for coming on the show Fran, I look forward to continuing our friendship and following you for years to come!


Weather that day:  61 - 81

Water:  71.4ish


Age Group: F 45-49

Height:   5’4”

Weight:  123

Calories per hour: 180

PSI for this course:  100F-110R

Depth of Wheels: 404/404

Swim – 2:03:07

T1 – 10:09

Bike – 7:46:45

T2 – 5:56

Run – 5:04:10

Total Race Time:  15:10:05

Gender Rank: 462/603

Division Rank: 83/120

Overall Rank:  1934/2276


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Jumping For Joy!

Jumping For Joy!