140 – IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant – Jesse Vondracek Professional Triathlete

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend and wonderful father Jesse Vondracek. We talk about the amazing race known as IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant.  We talk about how life has been going for him since IRONMAN© Texas.  He’s been in the sport for many years and has a great amount of experience.  He enjoys the race and talks so highly of the race director at this race and loves the atomosphere at this race venue.  You’ll get to hear a special guest speaker at times during this interview.  Enjoy the show.  Thank you so much Jesse and I look forward to following you in the future at IRONMAN© Chattanooga.

Weather that day:  61-81

Water:  71.4


Age Group: PRO

Height:   5’6”

Weight:  140

PSI for this course:  ~98

Depth of Wheels: 90mm-Front/Wheel cover-Rear

Swim – 55:04

T1 – 2:38

Bike – 4:54:50

T2 – 1:51

Run – 3:15:50

Total Race Time:  9:10:10

Gender Rank: 13

Division Rank: 10

Overall Rank:  13


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