244 - IRONMAN© New Zealand – Jocelyn McCauley Overall Winner

What a Race, What a Win!  Jocelyn is always a bubbly person to talk with.  I enjoyed this interview with her more than the last one for sure.  We got to talk about the last 15 months then the past few weeks of the upward slope.  Not only that, but she punched her ticket to Kona this year, set a new course record, and set a personal best.  While this episode is filled with laughs, smiles, and happiness I found great joy in being able to give life to Jocelyn’s dear friend Frank.  Frank is who she dedicated the race and win to.  Jocelyn loves to give back, loves Taupo, and New Zealand.  Thank you again for coming on the show Jocelyn, I look forward to following you later this year and seeing you at IRONMAN© Texas!

Weather that day:  clear skys, no wind, 7C-25C

Water:  Wetsuit Legal


Age Group:  PRO

Height:   5’4”

Weight:  125lbs

PSI for this course:  80-90

Depth of Wheels: 40mm/disc

Bike Elevation Gain: 4921ft

Run Elevation Gain: 170ft

Swim:  52:29

T1: 3:14

Bike:   4:57:27

T2:  1:55

Run:  2:58:07

Total Race Time:   8:53:11

Gender Rank:  1

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank: 10


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