272 - IRONMAN© Texas – Jess Zaiss

I have an amazing conversation with my friend Jess Zaiss about her race at IRONMAN© Texas this year.  This episode is filled with some unique insights. I’m learning that even after 270+ Episodes I have so much to learn about race experiences.  Jess shares some insights from her race as an athlete this time versus a supporter.  Something strange happened to her on the run which left her with an allergic reaction that I have never heard before.  I enjoyed learning about this and much more.  Thank you Jess for coming on the show and spending some time with me.  Good Luck at Ultraman next year!


Weather that day:  60-80

Water:  75.3


Age Group: F30-34

Height:   5’6”

Weight:  135

Calories per hour: 200

PSI for this course:  100

Depth of Wheels: 58/78

Bike Elevation Gain: 1,224ft

Run Elevation Gain: 493ft

Swim: 1:16:48

T1: 5:34

Bike:   5:46:17

T2:  4:33

Run: 4:19:29

Total Race Time:  11:32:41

Gender Rank:  53

Division Rank: 7

Overall Rank: 331


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