176 - IRONMAN© World Championship - Brent McMahon Professional Triathlete

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my new friend Brent McMahon.  Brent has been in the sport for more than 22 years.  I have talked with a great amount of people on the podcast so far but none have had the experience that Brent has under his belt.  There are only a handful of athletes in the world that can say they have been to the Olympics and received a medal and also competed in the IRONMAN© World Championship on the big island.  Brent has been working with his coach Lance Watson for his athletic career.  According to Lance’s website, [Lance] is “one of the most successful coaching track records in age group triathlon, internationally.” The race that we discuss is obvious but the challenges he faces and overcomes along the way are tremendous.  Many athletes face hard and sometimes gut wrenching choices along their racing journey and this is no different for Brent.  While we talk and discuss his race, I cannot help but to see his overwhelming gratitude for the ability to participate in the sport and how he enjoys the process of self-discovery along the way.  Thank you so much Brent for spending time with me and I truly am honored to have you on my show.  I look forward to having you back on my show again in the future and following you along your career.  I wish you the best.


Lance Watson:  https://lifesportcoaching.com/coaching.php

Brent McMahon:  http://brentmcmahon.com/

Weather that day:  72-82

Water:  80s


Age Group: PRO

Height:   5’9.5”

Weight:  153lbs

Calories per hour: 300 (adjusting and refining)

PSI for this course:  85

Depth of Wheels:

Bike Elevation Gain:  5,814ft

Run Elevation Gain:  1,009ft

Swim – 50:30

T1 – 1:58

Bike – 4:29:50

T2 – 3:17

Run – N/a

Total Race Time:   DNF

Gender Rank: N/a

Division Rank:  N/a

Overall Rank:  N/a


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Amp Human Performance:  https://amphumanperformance.com/

Aqua Sphere:  http://aquasphereswim.com/

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