177 - IRONMAN© World Championship – Jorge Filho

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend and Kona Qualifier Jorge Filho.  We discuss so much about his race and his journey to Kona in this episode.  Currently Jorge is a practicing Physician and loves helping others and pursuing his dreams of living to the fullest.  We talk about some of the dynamic fundamentals that he does in order to stay injury free while the volume and intensity increases.  One of the biggest takeaway’s for me that Jorge said is “fail a lot! It’s okay to fail, but recover from it.”  I enjoyed talking with you Jorge and I look forward to following you in the future! I wish your wife the best at IRONMAN© Arizona in a few weeks!

Weather that day:  72-82

Water:  80s


Age Group: M 35-39

Height:   5’11”
Weight:  175

Calories per hour: 300-350

PSI for this course:  100

Depth of Wheels: 808s

Nutrition Company:  First to Cross (F2C Nutrition)

Bike Elevation Gain:  5,814ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1,009ft

Swim –54:58

T1 – 3:21

Bike – 4:33:38

T2 – 3:30

Run –3:28:11

Total Race Time:  9:03:38

Gender Rank: 118

Division Rank: 24

Overall Rank:  129


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