172 – IRONMAN© World Championship – Missy Norcross

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend from New England Missy Norcross.  Missy came on the show earlier this year when she got her slot for Kona at IRONMAN© Lake Placid.  We do some catching up about her training since then and some obstacles she has had to overcome with some smaller things.  We discuss the logistics of getting to Kona and how much it really costs.  She has an amazing time with the week prior getting things set up for the race and she credits her amazing relationship with her husband Robbie with the ability to get into the right headspace the day before.  She passes along some tips for traveling to Kona that many may not be aware.  Enjoy the show and thank you Missy for coming on the show.  I look forward to following you next year at Boston!

Weather that day:  72 - 82

Water:  80s


Age Group:  F 35-39

Height:   5’6”

Weight:  126

Calories per hour:  250 - 300

PSI for this course: 100 

Depth of Wheels:  Zipp 302

Bike Elevation Gain:  5,814ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1,009ft

Swim – 1:18:56

T1 – 6:20

Bike – 5:48:13

T2 – 4:44

Run – 4:03:44

Total Race Time:  11:21:55

Gender Rank: 305

Division Rank: 55

Overall Rank:   1516


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On the run!

On the run!