200 - Marine Corps Marathon - Terry Wilson

As I sit here and type this up, I realize this is the 200th episode.  I am grateful for all of the athletes, friends, and stories I have been able to share through this podcast.  In a mere nine months, I have reached out to age groupers, professionals, experienced coaches, and many more through this show. In this episode, I turn the tables on myself to allow myself to be vulnerable to questions just like I have asked many of the athletes on the show.  My friends Gemma Hollis, aka @PushGlideKick, from The Woodlands, Texas and Mark Sissons, a proud native of New Zealand conduct an interview for this.  I mentioned my own nutrition plan, but to be honest, this ‘race’ wasn’t about the race itself.  There are times in life where I fully believe there are moments in time we didn’t get to enjoy enough because we were in such a damn hurry.  This ‘race’ was about living in the moment, experiencing the event with my good friend, fellow coach, and 20 year Marine Corps Veteran Morgon Latimore.  I am thankful for the chance to run a marathon with Morgon. This experience is something I will always cherish deeply.  Thank you for all of the support.  Until next year….