316 – Powerman Zofingen Duathlon – Deidre Hassett

Deirdre raced at Powerman Zofingen as part of Team Ireland (her home country, though she is based in California). This was a bucket list race for her as swimming is the weakest of her triathlon disciplines and she loves longer races - the hillier and harder the better.

Afterwards her assessment was that Powerman is the most difficult multisport event she has done, mostly due to the combination of the two difficult runs and the climbing on the bike. Stacked on that was the challenge of the bad weather this year. Tougher than Kona? Quite possibly. Despite some poor transitions which cost her second place AG, she was delighted with the execution of her race and her result on the day.


Weather that day: 50

Water Temperature: 0

Age Group:   F40-44

Height:   5'3"

Weight:   125

Calories per hour: 300

Nutrition Company used: Skratch and Honey Stinger

Depth of Wheels: Hed (Disk back), 60mm front

PSI for this course:   85

Bike Elevation Gain: 6,000ft

Run Elevation Gain:   1200ft

T1: 3:13

Bike:    4:59

T2: 4:14

Run: 2:32:01

Total Race Time:   8:27

Division Rank: 3

Overall Rank: 13


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