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114 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Canada – Roy McBeth

This is an amazing episode and a totally unique approach on how someone perceives races, training, and more than that, just living day to day.  I talk with Roy McBeth not only about his racing and training, but how he is truly grateful for his ability to train and race.  Roy has had both of his kidneys removed and a Kidney Transplant.  Without this transplant, he would not be able to live like he does today.  His display of gratitude towards life and the ability to train and race is something I admire greatly.  Without the kidney donation he would have a much less active and different life.  Thank you for sharing your story Roy, I really look forward to talking to you again in the future!


Weather that day:  55 - 96

Water:  73


Age Group: M 45 - 49

Height:   6’1”

Weight:  180

Calories per hour:  300-320

PSI for this course:  100-105

Depth of Wheels:  90mm/disc cover on the back

Swim – 31:12

T1 – 3:35

Bike – 2:31:36

T2 – 2:59

Run – 1:51:46

Total Race Time:  5:01:06

Gender Rank: 40

Division Rank: 6

Overall Rank:  44


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On the bike

On the bike

Other pictures he wanted to share from other races and living life!