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29 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Oceanside - Chris Desrochers

In this episode I continue the Ironman Oceanside 70.3 series with returning guest Chris Desrochers.  She talks about how she has been lucky for many years in regards to her wheels.  Although she doesn’t use drugs, she had to buy something that most folks may need.  She also goes into details of how her training was between the Super Seal Olympic she recently did going into this race.  While this is not an A priority race for her, she still wanted to go into this race strong.  She is priming up for a solid race at Ironman Santa Rosa next year.

Weather that day:  59 - 82

Water:  59


Age Group: F 50-54



Swim – 40:05

T1 – 5:20

Bike – 2:53:46

T2 – 2:19

Run – 1:56:43

Total Race Time:  5:38:13


Gender Rank: 112

Division Rank:  10

Overall Rank:  652


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Pre Race

Pre Race

Bike in Transition

Bike in Transition

Ironman Village

Ironman Village