IM70.3 VIC

56 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Victoria - Gerry Phinney

I conclude the Victoria 70.3 series with my friend Gerry.  He lives on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean.  This allows him to train and dedicate a great amount of his time to the training.  He talks about some of the things that he couldn’t control that lead to an increased anxiety level.  This small snowball caused other things to fall apart but he was able to regain his thoughts and have the best day possible. 


Weather that day:  52 - 64

Water:  68

Humidity: ~ 68


Age Group:  M 45 - 49

Weight:  175lbs

Calories per hour:

PSI for this course: 

Swim – 43:45

T1 – 4:16

Bike – 2:56:54

T2 – 5:20

Run – 2:36:05

Total Race Time:  6:26:20

Gender Rank: 638

Division Rank:  94

Overall Rank:  909


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Facebook:   Gerry Phinney


Gerry on the Bike ride. It's beautiful

Gerry on the Bike ride. It's beautiful