IMBOU 2019

287 - IRONMAN© Boulder – Ashley Drayer

In this episode I talk with an athlete I coach, Ashley Drayer about her first full distance triathlon. I’m surprised to find out some goals she has for the long term.  She shares how she manages two jobs, time with her wonderful children, as well as time with her very supportive spouse.  Her support from Jake is true and faithful and every athlete deserves to have the love and support that Jake gives Ashley.  Over the past years she went through depression due to some injuries, ACL and PCL surgeries, as well as nearly amputated leg. We discuss this in detail and how that is part of why she does endurance sports and how amazing it was to hit the taper. Thank you for taking the time to come on the podcast Ashley.  All the best.


Weather that day: 45-63

Water: WSL


Age Group:  F30-34

Height:  5’5”

Weight: 150bs

Calories per hour: 300

PSI for this course:  85

Bike Elevation Gain: 4711ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1355ft

Swim: 1:18:41

T1: 9:31

Bike:   6:53:08

T2: 5:55

Run:  7:00:20

Total Race Time:  15:27:33


Gender Rank:  204

Division Rank: 23

Overall Rank: 864


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