186 - IRONMAN© Louisville - Andy Greenwood

I continue my series of IRONMAN© Louisville with Andy Greenwood.  Andy is a friend and a proud member of the Coast Guard community.  We talk about the training plan he used for the race as well as how he prepared for this mental battle on race day in tough conditions.  Some highlights include how he balances having a family and does endurance sports.  Thanks for coming on the show Andy, I look forward to following you in the future!

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Weather that day:  48-61

Water:  70ish


Age Group: M 40-44

Height:   5’10”

Weight:  230

Calories per hour: 400

PSI for this course:  100

Depth of Wheels: Stock

Bike Elevation Gain:

Run Elevation Gain:

Swim –18:44

T1 – 16:57

Bike – 7:24:11

T2 – 25:01

Run – 6:18:18

Total Race Time:  14:43:11

Gender Rank: 1295

Division Rank: 241

Overall Rank:  1786


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