IMOS 70.3 2019

262 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Oceanside - Andrew Lewis

Oh boy.  Hold on.  Andrew is back on the show.  These episodes with Andrew are always so fun and very raw.  We couldn’t do this episode without mentioning some new knowledge that Andrew has learned about bike pumps, tire pressure, and Bluetooth compatible hardware.  We love you Ben and couldn’t do this episode without mentioning you. We also talk about a candy bar for breakfast the day of, and even a trick for walking on sand that will keep your feet dry and warm that is better than flip flops on race day.  Andrew also mentions some tips to first timers doing this course as well as must do tasks on race day.  We finish this episode by wanting to see if I could get Craig Alexander (Crowie) on the show.  I’m going to reach out and see if I can get him to talk about his recent win at IRONMAN© 70.3 Liuzhou.  Thanks Andrew, I look forward to racing with you in Chattanooga.


Weather that day:  55-66

Water:  WSL


Age Group:  M35-39

Height:   6’2”

Weight:  190

Calories per hour: 300

PSI for this course:  85.7/87.7

Depth of Wheels: HED Jet disc/90mm

Bike Elevation Gain: 2,720ft

Run Elevation Gain: 334ft

Swim: 35:19

T1: 4:43

Bike:   2:50:57

T2:  4:53

Run: 1:38:16

Total Race Time:  5:14:06

Gender Rank:  62

Division Rank: 313

Overall Rank: 355


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