208 - Ultraman Israel – Amy VanTassel OVERALL WINNER

Straight up, this is one of my favorite episodes I’ve recorded so far.  I get the pleasure of talking with my friend VT!  Like not just talking but joking and walking her through her overall WIN at Ultraman Israel. There were some very emotional times during this race due to some issues she had.  Not just her but her crew as well.  There are dark places in most long course races, but this takes the cake. The course at this race is beyond challenging, the conditions are tough, and the elements of comradery, trust, and love are among some of the best ways to describe this race atmosphere.  There is a certain uniqueness about this race that is just different. She gives great credit to her husband and Coach Chris, her friend Molly, and most of all the folks at Israel Department of Ministry for making it all possible.


Age Group:   PRO

Calories per hour: 350

PSI for this course:  100R/95F

Depth of Wheels: 80mm

Day 1, Swim 10K+ Bike145K: 9:02:31

-Swim: 3:25:17

-Bike:  6:27:23

Day 2, Bike 275K:  10:08:31

Day 3, Run 84.4K:  8:09:01

Total Race Time:  28:00:17

Gender Rank:  1

Division Rank:  1

Overall Rank:  1


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