4 - Ultraman Florida - Morgon Latimore

Today I took the time to talk with my friend and amazing athlete Morgon Latimore.  Morgon has been in the Marine Corps for nearly 20 years and has completed tours overseas to include Afghanistan.  Currently he is stationed in North Carolina and is the head coach of Latitude Pure Coaching.  In this episode we discuss not only his preparation for the race but also his team of support.  This ranges from his loving wife Ludelis to his best friend, mentor, and knowledgeable Coach Tom Fitch, to his nutritionist Chris Holley, to Bri at Ultimate Sports Massage (USMT) and Shawn from Bicycle Gallery in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  He describes his time management and how it works as an active duty Marine, husband, and father to four amazing daughters while maintaining 100% consistency with his workouts.  When he talks about his “Why”, you’ll become motivated yourself. Among the people he gives thanks to is the amazing race director Chuck and his assistant Jen.  He had a very emotional finish, enjoy the show.


If you’d like to know more about Morgon, you can follow him on Instagram at @LatitudePureCoaching, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/latitudepurecoaching/.


If you want to contact Chris Holley, his nutrition coach he can be reached followed on Instagram and Twitter at @Sdketoathlete.  Also, on his website www.evolutionperformance.us

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