288 – Ultraman Australia – Briana Frank

Ultraman is not for everyone.  If you don’t have the mental capacity to be alone in your mind for countless hours, it’s not for you.  Briana not only talks about why she wants to do this race, but what it means for her.  The logistics for the race is tough and we talk about her race and what the training looked like.  Her coach is also a critical part of how she is able to accomplish this phenomenal race.  I enjoyed this conversation and learned so much from this interview.  Thank you for sharing your journey and your race with me Briana.


All photos were taken by Surf Shots Noosa and are used with permission from the Athlete.



Height:  5’4.5”

Weight: 115

Calories per hour: 250-300

Bike Elevation Gain: (Day 1) – 4,400ft; (Day 2) – 7,550ft

Run Elevation Gain: 1,700ft

Day 1: 8:35:56 (swim: 3:23:58; bike: 5:11:58)

Day 2: 9:38:12; Total: 18:14:08

Day 3: 10:29:19

Total: 28:12:25

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