305 – Ultraman Canada – Tim Wilkinson

In this episode I talk with Ultraman Canada athlete Tim Wilkinson about his race.  This race is quite emotional and is not an easy race to complete by any means.  This race is hard, long, and something you have to respect.  While we discuss the issues of getting lost on course we also talk about the feeling of his dad being there and what his last conversation with his dad was because during this race, that matters.  The family community during Ultraman is always present.  Thank you Tim for coming on the podcast, good luck in Hawaii.


Height:  5’8”

Weight:  165lbs

Calories per hour: 400-500

PSI for this course:  95-100

Depth of Wheels: 78mm

Bike Elevation Gain: Day 1: 1605ft; Day 2: 7870ft

Run Elevation Gain:  5265ft


10K Swim: 3:40:24

Bike 144.8K:  5:35:00

Bike 275.8K 11:28:30

Run 84.33K: 10:16:12


Day 1: 9:15:24

Day 2: 20:43:54

OVERALL TIME: 31:00:06


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