234 – Ultraman Florida – Chris Pollack

This episode is one of two episodes now that I have broken up into parts.  Meaning, I talked with Chris before, during, and after his race.  You’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like before the race, during the race, and right after.  Those damn invisible ninjas cut plenty of onions during this episode. It’s real, raw, emotions.  Last year Chris was unable to finish this race, but now he comes back for redemption.  We talk about all the struggles of the mental, physical and emotional setbacks, hurdles, and wins he was able to push through.  Enjoy this episode.


Day 1: 9:33:01

Day 2: 10:26:43

Total So far:  19:59:44

Day 3: 11:01:03

Total:  31:00:47

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