236 – Ultraman Florida – Julian Summers

Wow! So grateful for the chance to talk with my friend and amazing athlete Julian Summers again.  Julian is just a bundle of sunshine that loves giving back to the sport, the community of athletes, and his friends.  He was able to give back to his crew member Jess, in the previous episode while he was down in Florida that left her shaking with excitement, fear, and disbelief.  In this episode I learn the value of the phrase, “I am Strong” because of Julian I am inspired to do much more than I thought possible.  I hope you learn something from this episode that leaves you wondering if you can do more. 


Day 1: 10:17:46

Day 2: 11:00:33

Total So far:  21:41:56

Day 3: 11:18:54

Total:  33:00:50


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