144 – Utah’s Toughest – Rory Duckworth

Just so you know before you listen to this episode, it’s completely different.  We recorded half the interview prior to the race and the other half after the race.  We get a good understanding of his mindset prior to and we talk after the race as well.  This is very interesting and we talk about his vast amount of mental toughness and his nutrition plan prior.  We have a great talk before the race and then after it’s even better. Notable about this race is that 20 athletes DID NOT FINISH the individual division of the race. Thanks for coming on the show Rory, I look forward to following you and continuing our friendship.

Swim – 1:26

T1 – 3:00

Bike – 6:47

T2 – 20:00

Run Loop 1 – 3:17

Run Loop 2 – 3:53

Total Race Time:  15:46

Overall Rank:  3/5


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Overlooking it all.

Overlooking it all.